Ride-Along Program

The Ride-Along Program of the Webster Groves Fire Department is designed to provide an opportunity for residents and/or students to observe fire and rescue operations and become familiar with prevention practices, emergency services, and response, training, and fire service culture.

The department requires that all participants be neatly attired while riding with our firefighters/paramedics during a shift. The accepted mode of dress is closed-toe shoes (preferred dark shoes), blue or black shirt/blouse, blue or black pants, and a jacket/coat when applicable.   A vest will be provided for the participant to wear while observing an incident and/or training. Seatbelts will be worn at all times while on any City vehicle.  As a student participant, you are permitted to wear your assigned school uniform set forth by the institution.  

Participants are asked not to leave the command car, fire apparatus, or ambulance unless they are given permission to do so by the officer-in-charge or paramedic.  This policy is necessary to protect participants from any eventuality of bodily harm, no matter how remote as they may not become involved verbally or physically with any operation.  The role participants play is strictly that of an observer, unless as an EMT/Paramedic student riding a rotation to meet school ride time specifications.  In this case, the student shall operate under the direction of a Webster Groves Paramedic who operates within our protocols approved by our Medical Director.

To apply, please click here to fill out the application and please send it to ellisb@webstergrovesmo.gov