Applying Online for Occupancy Permits

How to Apply for Your Occupancy Permit Online

Step One: Verify that the residence has passed the housing inspection and a Certificate of Compliance has been issued. If the property does not have a certificate of compliance than you will not be able to apply for an occupancy permit until one has been obtained. 

Apartments are inspected every 3 years regardless of changes in occupancy.  A Certificate of Compliance is not required for apartments in order to obtain an occupancy permit. 

Step Two: Complete the occupancy permit application in its entirety, sign, and email it back to Denise Bulejski in Planning & Development at Applications that are not completely filled out will be denied and the occupancy permit will need to be reapplied for. 

Link to Occupancy Permit Application (PDF)

Step Three: Payment of $30 will be required in order to complete the application process. After your application has been submitted to Denise in Planning & Development, it will be reviewed. An email will be sent to you with the instructions to pay online once the application is deemed complete. The application will not be processed, and the  occupancy process will be incomplete if payment is not received.  There is a small fee for online payments.

What Happens After You Apply for Your Occupancy Permit

Once payment has been received, the application will be sent to the Housing Department. The official occupancy permit will be emailed back to you once it has been completely processed and approved. 

Every Friday the trash company will be emailed information to set up accounts for new residents of single-family homes and duplexes. Additional information on the trash service can be found on our current trash service information page